Candice Rosen

Health Counselor and Registered Nurse

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The Pancreatic Nutritional Program

A bio-individualized diet based on glucose, insulin and cortisol responses by the use of a glucometer or "tuning in." The results are scientific and measurable. After 12 weeks on the Data Driven Diet clients experience weight loss (between 20 and 24 pounds) and improved health.

I'm Candice Rosen, Creator of the Data Driven Diet and Pancreatic Nutritional Program

The essence of my program is the practice of Self Health! You are your primary caregiver, your physician is your secondary care giver. I believe that weight gain and most NCDs (non-communicable diseases): high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, polycystic ovarian syndrome, low testosterone, renal issues and even some cancers stem from pancreatic abuse. I also believe the body has the ability to heal itself if given the proper tools: nutritious, responsibly grown, pancreatic friendly foods combined with stress reduction techniques and low impact exercise. Food is medicine and mind, body nurturing is essential to overall health and well being.

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The pancreas is a pinkish, irregularly shaped gland (it looks like a boomerang). It is located behind the stomach to the right. The pancreas produces and secretes hormones and enzymes that help the body digest and process the food we eat. The pancreas secretes hormones and enzymes into the blood (endocrine function) or into the gastrointestinal tract (exocrine function). The pancreas' endocrine job is to produce insulin and glucagon. These hormones are released in response to meals and regulate sugar levels in the blood.

Why the pancreas is the gatekeeper of weight gain vs. weight loss, poor health vs good health.


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All too often the accepted method of practice is to treat the symptoms rather than address the root cause. The Pancreatic Oath and The Pancreatic Oath Journal walk you through my program - teaching you how to protect the pancreas - not abuse it.

What is pancreatic abuse? Anytime you raise your blood sugar over 100 ninety minutes after you eat a meal or a snack you can expect weight gain and poor health.

The pancreatic oath the measurable approach to Improved health and weight loss
The pancreatic oath nutrition & lifestyle journal

New book coming soon! Get notified when it releases!

Healthcare Professionals: Data Drive Diet certification will be coming soon


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