As I waited in line to pay for toothpaste at one of the pharmacy chains, I noticed this bag of M&Ms touting “150 calories.”

I’m guessing the average person looks at that and thinks, “Wow, that’s not bad, only 150 calories. Since, I’m on a 1200 calorie per day diet, I can have that.”

Well, you can’t!

As many of my clients and followers know, I do not believe in counting calories.

What I DO believe in is: counting blood glucose.

To prove the point, I bought a bag of those M&Ms and became a guinea pig today. Before I ate the M&M’s my blood glucose was 88. Ninety minutes later my blood glucose was 125.

That’s an increase of 37 points!

I can only imagine how hard my pancreas had to work in order to produce enough insulin to bring my blood glucose down to 125. In addition to the high glucose, now I have an excess amount of insulin cursing through my body that is making me feel shaky.

The solution: I’m going to go jump rope and work out in order to put all that excess glucose and insulin to use and return my body to homeostasis.

Do yourself a favor, trust me, it’s not about counting calories or counting carbs (that can be misleading).

The only number that counts is your blood glucose!

BTW, after my workout, my blood glucose came down to 95.

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