Summer and warm weather usually includes vacation plans. A chance to see new sites, explore other cultures, relax, and of course eat!

For many, vacation signals an opportunity to ‘indulge’ in food and drink. “I don’t care, I’m going on vacation and I going to splurge;” “I’m going to treat myself. I work hard, I deserve it.” Does that sound familiar?
The only problem with these proclamations is that most of the population is splurging and treating themselves all year round- not just while they are on ‘vacation’.

I’d like for you to view your summer vacation plans as an opportunity to take a break from abusing your body, your spirit and your health with food and drink. What if you adopted these thoughts while vacationing: I’m not in a hurry, I’m on vacation, I don’t have to eat on the run or throw down a quick cup of coffee – I have time to savor a meal, center my mind, and reduce my stress level; and in turn reduce my cortisol and adrenaline levels (contribute to weight gain) and focus on my health and well being.


Breakfast: Skip waffles, pancakes, french toast and anything else that you would cover in a sugary syrup. Also avoid fried foods like hashbrowns or side of potatoes.

  • Alternatives: Omelet topped with avocado, tomato and onion

Lunch: Avoid big sandwiches that are mostly made up of bread.

  • Alternatives: Protein (tuna, turkey, chicken, etc) with a salad full of veggies

Dinner: Again, skip the fried foods and meals made up of mostly carbs.

  • Alternatives: Same as lunch. Could also add steamed veggies or baked sweet potato

Snacks: Stay away from super salty or sugary snacks.

  • Alternatives: Go for fresh fruit or nuts.

Drinks: When drinking alcoholic beverages, have a full glass of water before another cocktail. Avoid sodas- both regular and diet.

  • Alternatives: Fresh juice, fruit infused water or kombucha.

Most importantly increase your activity; WALK, WALK, WALK, WALK! When given a choice between a walking tour or a bus tour – do the walking tour. Take stairs versus an escalator. It is amazing how quickly the blocks add to miles when you are observing beautiful scenery or historical sights. Walking along the beach at a decent pace does wonders for you heart and legs.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to return from your vacation having lost weight and improved your health than worrying about which diet you have to follow to lose the vacation weight you put on? And of course, for those of you who are vigilant about what you eat and drink during the year – than vacation with abandon-Bon Appetite!!

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