Why do Some fall off the Healthy Wagon?

Why do Some fall off the Healthy Wagon?

Several of my clients have reverted to their old habits of slow death by eating. It is hard to imagine when someone is off medication, sleeping better, moving without shortness of breath, 40 pounds lighter, sitting more comfortably in an airplane seat, purchasing clothing 2 sizes smaller and generally feeling great – why in the world would they EVER trade that in for lasagna, candy, ice cream, etc.?

I have no explanation. Some say it is depression, some say it is oral gratification, some say it’s a hereditary curse, some say processed, unhealthy foods are an addiction, others claim a gluttonous personality or traumatic childhood. The list of excuses could fill sheets of paper. Unfortunately, for those that fall off the “healthy wagon” all the verbiage is just excuses. These excuses don’t make sense.

We are all on this planet for such a short time. There is very little that we have control of; really very little except for what we choose to put in our mouths.

A friend recently gave me a wonderful book – Embers by Sándor Márai. It’s a wonderful read and a line from the book touched me: “Obedience had to be rooted in the heart.”

I think for anyone that wants to lose weight or restore their health, whether they follow my Data Driven Diet or any of the other programs out there, they must be obedient.

Obedient about what you eat, your activity level, and your state of mind – all of it must be or has to be rooted in your heart. You have to love yourself, your body, your health, your future, your hopes and dreams enough to feed yourself only what is good and healthy for you. Bottom line – love yourself enough that it is extremely easy to be obedient about what you put in your mouth because YOU matter.

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