The purpose of my blog is to educate the reader about the balance of body, mind, spirit, nature and community. The Hawaiian word Lökahi encompasses the symbolism of these collective forces. Lökahi must be addressed in order to obtain a healing environment. Whether the issue is weight loss, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, low testosterone, or other non-communicable (NCDs) maladies.

My blog will feature recipes and menus, fitness tips and exercises, meditation pearls and medical updates accompanied by a reality based perspective on the course of healthcare in the United States. Knowledge is power. You will learn how to help yourself and your body because your body is hardwired to heal itself if given the proper tools, i.e. stress reduction along with wholesome, nutritious, responsibly grown, pancreatic friendly foods.

Please sign up to receive my weekly blogs. You have a responsibility to your body and your health. Creating an environment for growth and healing is fostered through knowledge. It’s not that hard, once you understand how your body works and what little it takes to help yourself. Here’s to the practice of SELF HEALTH! Your weight, your health begins with you. You are what you eat and drink!!

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